Watch Where You Walk

Nov 13, 2018

You’re out for a walk on a beautiful day, minding your own business when — uh oh — you didn’t see that crack in the sidewalk ahead of you.

If indeed you weren’t as careful as you should have been, and if you were hurt tripping on that sidewalk crack, call Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff LLP. We know the law. Sometimes these laws are straightforward. Other times, they can leave you scratching your head. In fact, laws differ from town to town and city to city, even within New York State.

Did you fall on a sidewalk flag or on the adjacent curb? Believe it or not, the law that applies could be very different. Did you fall in a pathway behind a private parking lot or on a city sidewalk? Where you’ve fallen and what you’ve fallen on can make the difference between a case with significant value and one with no possibility of recovery at all – even if you’ve been injured and face high medical bills.

Picking the right attorney can also mean the difference between a case that may result in a significant financial award and one with no possibility of recovery at all. If your attorney doesn’t know the law, he or she may be missing an avenue of recovery. He or she may also fail to comply with applicable time limitations to file a claim.

Bergman Bergman Fields and Lamonsoff LLP has been representing people injured in trip and fall accidents in all parts of New York for decades. We know which laws apply and on which facts to focus to make sure that our clients have the best opportunity to receive ample compensation for the injuries they sustained. If you’ve been injured, call us today.

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