Verdict for wrongful death, against landlord, caused by fire that spread through apartment that was without smoke detectors.


Verdict for motor vehicle accident causing spinal injuries requiring surgery


For a truck driver struck in the rear by a bus sustaining a brain injury.


For a construction worker that fell from a mobile crane platform and sustained a pilon fracture.


Banquet guest struck in the head by a server holding a tray food causing him to sustain a post traumatic brain injury


For a truck driver who twisted his back loading a truck causing lumbar herniated disc which required surgery.


(Top 100 reported verdict for the New York Verdict Reporter for 2011) For a truck driver struck by a passing motorist while unloading his box truck on the side of the road sustaining injuries to his lumbar spine.


For a pedestrian struck by a van causing her to sustain a fractured pelvis which required surgery.


For a man that tripped and fell in the parking lot of a retail store and fractured his left arm which required surgery.


Against the New York City Transit Authority for a non-surgical herniated disc sustained by his client.


For a machine operator that got his arm caught in a recycling machine causing multiple fractures which required surgery.


For the driver of car struck in the rear who sustained cervical herniated discs which required surgery.


For a man injured in a low impact rear end collision causing injuries to his lumbar and cervical spine requiring surgery.


For occupants of vehicle struck by a tractor trailer that crossed into oncoming traffic.


For a man that fell down a flight of stairs due to defective conditions on the staircase in his apartment building causing a spinal cord injury


For a rebar latherer who was carrying rebar across an open worksite when he slipped and fell on an oily surface causing injury to his shoulder and bicep.


For a young man that was on the hood of a car which accelerated causing a fall from the vehicle and a brain injury


For a construction worker that was working on a scaffold that collapsed causing him to fracture his ankle which required surgery


Wrongful death of a homeowner who fell from the ladder owned by a chimney company


Store worker that tripped on a pipe left by a contactor causing injuries to both her knees which required surgery


For his client who was struck by a motor vehicle resulting in injuries to his legs.


For his client who was struck and killed by a motor vehicle while she was running across a roadway.


For his client that slipped and fell on ice while installing a cell phone antenna on a rooftop sustaining injuries to his shoulder and forearm.


For client who sustained partial amputation of his foot after having stepped into path of a lawnmower.


For motorcyclist/moped operated that struck a pothole in the roadway while riding sustaining injury to his right leg.


Recovery for a violation of a right of sepulcher after hospital lost the body of client’s stillborn fetus.


For his client who slipped and fell on a stairwell while attempting to exit a nightclub sustaining injuries to his head and mouth.


For motorcyclist who sustained a minor deviated septum as a result of being struck by a toll booth barrier which was brought down on top of her as she passed the gate.


Verdict obtained in favor or warehouse worker who was struck by a hi-low vehicle. Case was appealed by defendant twice, both being unsuccessful including a verdict which was overturned by the trial judge being reinstated by the Appellate Division.