Watch Where You Walk

You’re out for a walk on a beautiful day, minding your own business when — uh oh — you didn’t see that crack in the sidewalk ahead of you. If indeed you weren’t as careful as you should have been,...

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Beware the Lizard!

Auto insurance companies bombard you with talking lizards … promises to “forgive” you if you have an accident… actors wearing clean white smocks pledging you everlasting loyalty… and spokespersons...

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A Toolkit for Capturing Accident Details

Most people who step out of their homes in the morning don’t plan to be in a personal injury situation. And no one expects an injured person to capture every detail of an accident when it happens,...

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Watch the GAP

As I navigate the market for a new car, I must remind everyone that if you are financing a car, make sure you obtain GAP insurance from the bank or finance department at the dealership. GAP...

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Hidden Accidents at the Gym

A Gym can be a dangerous place. Ironically, you may be seriously injured while endeavoring to improve your physical well-being, unaware that your Gym owner is probably less concerned about your...

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Speak to a Lawyer

If you’ve been wronged or hurt, our team of accident and injury attorneys is ready to stand behind you and fight for your rights. Please call us at 516-739-2220 day or night to speak with a knowledgeable legal representative about your case.