Construction Accidents Lawyer

Aug 27, 2023

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

The construction industry is full of construction workers who are constantly at risk of developing serious injuries on their work sites, or watching their co-workers fall victim to wrongful death due to careless job site maintenance by the general contractor. Regardless of the safety equipment and regulations on a construction site, the daily use of power tools and heavy machinery inevitably results in numerous construction accidents across New York every year.

Fortunately, New York law reflects the dangers of these job sites, and protects construction workers with strict safety regulation requirements. If general contractors and land owners fail to meet these safety requirements due to carelessness or frugality, they are responsible for any harm done to the workers on site. Construction accident cases are built on these strict job site requirements, and help to provide construction workers with adequate workers’ compensation, recovery of medical bills, as well as fair compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering. In a case of wrongful death, these individuals are responsible for compensating the victim’s family for their loss.

General contractors and/or land owners should always be held responsible for a job site injury, however some construction workers are unclear on how to file a workers’ compensation claim, or feel uncomfortable filing workplace injury claims against their superiors. Additionally, families of construction accident victims are often overwhelmed by the traumatic event, and lack labor law information to proceed with injury claims on their own.

At Select Attorney, our construction accident lawyers are passionate about educating construction workers and the families of these victims so that they understand their rights, should a construction site injury ever occur. We offer 100% free consultations where our construction accident lawyers can perform a thorough case review and discuss your legal options after suffering from a personal injury on a construction work site.

Contributing Factors

There are a few important factors that experienced attorneys consider when assessing a construction accident case and proceeding to provide the injured victim with legal advice. One important contributing factor to building a successful construction accident case is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. OSHA is an agency which lays out the general guidelines for health and safety on work sites across the United States. General contractors are required to follow these safety regulations and ensure that workers have proper health care, by testing their work site for harmful toxins such as asbestos and mold.

OSHA requirements are highly nuanced can vary depending on the job site, meaning it is important to have an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the requirements that may apply to the victim’s particular case. These can range from regular health inspections for testing the air quality on a work site, to seeing and hearing tests that ensure the worker is fit to operate heavy machinery.

In addition to the national OSHA regulations, personal injury lawyers working on construction accident cases will review the New York State Industrial Code, and gather all of the necessary information to collect maximum compensation for the injured worker. This code further provides regionally specific requirements to protect construction workers across the state of New York. Personal injury lawyers who are inexperienced with construction injury cases often fail to review all of the available material that may highlight violations of the law by the general contractor or land owner. This lack of state-specific information can be detrimental to an otherwise strong case.

Construction injuries and wrongful deaths can happen as a result of a cluttered job site, faulty heavy equipment, a lack of regular health inspections, a lack of safety equipment, and many other causes which may lead to falling objects or slip and fall injuries. Whether the injured worker suffers from a life-threatening brain injury, or a minor bone fracture, an experienced attorney should be able to use the national and state-regulated labor laws to provide an accident victim with an ample amount of legal options to cover medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on a construction job site, you have full rights to file for workers’ compensation in the state of New York. Many injured workers are unaware of their potential to recover lost income after an accident. This is especially detrimental when construction injuries lead to an a inability to continue working in the field.

A construction accident attorney will be able to guide you through your workers’ compensation claim, so that you receive the necessary funds to support yourself during recovery, after ending a career in the construction industry. If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death in a construction injury, you are also entitled to compensation for the traumatic experience, which you have endured due to the general contractor or land owner’s negligence.

What to Expect

At Select Attorney, we offer free consultations where one of our experienced construction accident attorneys will gather information regarding your injury, the job site in which it took place, and any other relevant information. During this case review, we encourage accident victims or their loved ones to ask any questions they may have, and provide as much detail as possible to contribute to the construction accident case.

Once we have gone over your case in detail, the construction accident attorneys working in our law firm can provide legal advice to guide you towards your next steps. As construction accidents are fairly common and liability is clear, general contractors should be prepared to provide you with full workers’ compensation and cover any associated medical bills without much resistance.

Once we have built your injury case, injured workers are most often able to gain compensation without ever going to trial. However, in a case of wrongful death or termination of one’s career, it may be more difficult to quantify fair compensation. In this case, injured workers may be forced to go through pre-trial and trial, where it is essential to have an experienced attorney who is familiar with all of the relevant codes and regulations that have been violated.

Legal Fees

The team working in our New York law firm understands that personal injuries of all kinds can be extremely traumatic, and lead to a number of unexpected expenses. These financial pressures are often what stops personal injury victims from seeking legal guidance. The Select Attorney accident lawyers work entirely on a contingency basis, so that you do not have to worry about any additional expenses until your injury case has been successfully resolved.

We are dedicated to providing useful legal advice and helping injured individuals recover costs of lost income, medical expenses, and gaining fair compensation so that the financial burden is lifted from this event and the individual can focus on their physical recovery. Once your construction accident case is successfully settled, and we have guided you through claiming all streams of compensation, only then do we charge you legal fees. Our law firm has obtained millions of dollars worth of compensation, representing New York construction workers for over 50 years. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, do not hesitate to contact us and begin your journey to financial and physical recovery.

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