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Nassau County, NY – Personal Injury Lawyers

Nassau County, NY – Personal Injury Lawyers

The partners at Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff come from a wide range of backgrounds rooted in regions across New York state. Seth Fields and Eric Lamonsoff grew up in Nassau County, where Eric has continued to reside due to his love for this part of New York. Our law firm has upheld our partners’ special connection to Long Island’s Nassau County with years of excellent legal representation. Our personal injury lawyers strive to help accident victims across Nassau County recover the costs of medical bills that insurance companies do not cover, as well as compensation for the pain and rehabilitation that the injury victim is forced to endure.

The skilled personal injury attorneys in our law offices see a number of unique personal injury cases every day. Some of the most common personal injury cases, which our law firm has an excellent track record in collecting fair compensation for are the following:

  • Fall Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle or Car Accident
  • Medical Malpractice

In many personal injury cases, which take place on this stretch of Long Island, accident victims are injured as a result of another person’s negligence. If this is the case, the right legal representation should be able to help you obtain fair compensation, helping with expensive medical bills, and other associated costs of injuries.

Our legal team takes pride in providing Nassau county residents with excellent legal advice, and legal representation for their unique personal injury matters. Transitioning back into regular life after a serious injury can be difficult, and time consuming. Our personal injury attorneys help accident victims obtain workers compensation, easing the burden of time taken off work during rehabilitation.

The legal team at Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff understands how traumatic a serious injury can be and how difficult it is to move forward when medical bills begin to pile up. By meeting with a personal injury attorney with years of experience providing legal representation to accident victims, you will be well on your way to full financial recovery.

If you, or a loved one have recently fallen victim to a serious injury, call us at (516) 739-2220 today for a 100% free consultation.

Whether you’ve suffered a serious injury from a motorcycle accident, a dog bite, or a dangerous construction site, the thought of finding a reliable accident lawyer that will ensure a productive attorney-client relationship can be daunting. At Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff, our personal injury law firm works tirelessly to get accident victims the compensation they need to move on with their lives by filing personal injury claims

Nassau County Personal Injury Attorneys – Accident victims should never compromise on legal representation after suffering a serious injury on someone else’s account.

Our personal injury law firm serving Nassau County and many other areas, has remained among the most reputable personal injury law firms in New York for over a decade. Avvo and many other highly regarded lawyer review sites can attest to our incredibly successful attorney-client relationships and personal injury claims with a consistent 10/10 rating. Our passionate legal team has worked for over 10 years to achieve our incredible reputation across New York state.

Our accident lawyers are available to assist our clients with their important personal injury matters from morning to night. Our partners take pride in their combined 125 years of experience helping injury victims obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

Countless client testimonials reveal that our legal team at Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff has succeeded in helping clients with a wide range of personal injury cases. Our Nassau County legal team works to provide Long Island injury victims with the legal representation and all of the resources it takes to obtain fair compensation.

If you suffer from a serious injury involving a fall accident, a motorcycle accident, premises liability, or any other case where you believe you are entitled to compensation, call us now at our law office phone number, (516) 739-2220.

Our legal team is always available and our personal injury lawyers pride themselves on providing clients with a 100% free consultation, so that when you need a personal injury attorney in Nassau County New York, you are confident in our ability to serve you with a productive and empathetic attorney-client relationship.

What are my rights as an accident victim?

Upon experiencing a serious injury, a quick google search is not enough to thoroughly explain all of your rights as an accident victim. Understanding your rights in a personal injury case is essential to recovering costs for medical bills and other costs of rehabilitation.

Clients can rely on the personal injury attorneys at Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff to provide a detailed explanation of one’s rights as an injury victim and ensure that they are treated fairly throughout their personal injury case.

Our personal injury law firm operates on a contingency basis, so that injury victims do not have to worry about paying our accident lawyers until we have succeeded in collecting fair compensation, easing some of the financial burden associated with your serious injury. In addition to many client testimonials, accident victims can be confident that our interests are aligned through our contingency based system.

The personal injury attorneys working in our New York law offices approach a wide range of practice areas with many important values in mind. Some of the most prominent values, which our accident lawyers stand by are the following:

  • Respecting the individual client and the unique circumstances, which resulted in their serious injury. Our excellent track record of positive attorney-client relationships ensures that each client is treated with empathy and understanding by our experienced accident lawyers. The attorneys working in our law offices share a common goal with all of our New York clients; obtaining fair compensation for the painful injuries they have experienced.
  • Trust. Distraught sufferers of serious injuries can not be expected to provide a perfect account of their experience upon a first meeting with a personal injury lawyer, which is where trust becomes a major factor in a successful attorney-client relationship. Our reputable personal injury attorneys pride themselves on providing Nassau County clients with a judgement-free environment as we work on their unique personal injury cases. Whether you have lost a loved one in a devastating incident of wrongful death, or you have suffered from an auto accident, our personal injury attorneys will be there for you throughout the entire process. We will ensure that you feel comfortable and have a thorough understanding of your rights, regardless of the particular situation.
  • Our personal injury lawyers respect the decisions that our clients choose to make regarding a personal injury case. It is entirely up to the client to decide whether they are ready to settle a case, and our highly rated personal injury attorneys will never try to convince you to continue your case when you are ready to settle.

Accident victims have a number of rights that are not always obvious to someone who has never been in this situation before. Our personal injury attorneys are here to answer any of our clients’ questions concerning things such as the details of dealing with an insurance company, legal issues, as well as many others. We will ensure you feel comfortable and have all of your questions answered throughout the entire process.

A meeting with one of our personal injury attorneys should be your first course of action following a serious injury. With our 100% free consultations, there is no reason not to discuss your accident with a knowledgeable attorney in Nassau County, and explore your potential for gaining fair compensation.

Areas of expertise

Our experienced personal injury attorneys have helped clients obtain maximum compensation, by working on thousands of personal injury cases in many different practices areas.

Here we have listed our most common practice areas, in which we have years of experience helping clients in Nassau County:

  • Auto Accidents/Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Fall Accidents

Do not hesitate to contact our excellent personal injury attorneys in Nassau County for a 100% free consultation at our phone number, (516) 739-2220. Call and set up a meeting today, so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Accident Questions Answered

Do you have questions about the process of filing a personal injury claim, how much you are entitled to, or another inquiry?

We pride ourselves on helping our clients understand the entire process, and we will gladly answer any of your questions so that you gain a thorough understanding.

If you, a family member or a loved one have been injured in a serious accident, call our personal injury lawyers now at (516) 739-2220 for a free consultation. We have been helping accident victims for 20+ years in Nassau County, and the following surrounding areas:

  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Suffolk County
  • Nassau County
  • Bronx

Our accident attorneys are eager to help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation today so that you can take the first step in getting back to your life.

Proven track record

Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff is one of the most highly-rated law firms in the State of New York, led by passionate partners with a combined experience of 125 years. We have provided successful legal representation to sufferers of medical malpractice, fall accidents, and many other serious injuries.

Speak to a lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, our legal team is here to help you get the compensation that you need to support a full financial and physical recovery. Please call us at 516-739-2220 if you have recently fallen victim to a serious injury, and allow us to help you get back to your normal life.

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