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Watch Where You Walk

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You’re out for a walk on a beautiful day, minding your own business when -- uh oh -- you didn’t see that crack in the sidewalk ahead of you. If indeed you weren’t as careful as you should have been, and if you were hurt tripping on that sidewalk crack, call Bergman Bergman Fields &

Beware the Lizard!

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Auto insurance companies bombard you with talking lizards … promises to “forgive” you if you have an accident… actors wearing clean white smocks pledging you everlasting loyalty… and spokespersons with deep trusting voices.  But the lizard and his friends don’t tell you important things that can make a huge difference if you need to use

A Toolkit for Capturing Accident Details

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Most people who step out of their homes in the morning don’t plan to be in a personal injury situation. And no one expects an injured person to capture every detail of an accident when it happens, even though the legal process may make it feel like that afterwards. However, with a small bit of

Watch the GAP

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As I navigate the market for a new car, I must remind everyone that if you are financing a car, make sure you obtain GAP insurance from the bank or finance department at the dealership. GAP insurance will save you from getting the bad news that, while the accident was not your fault, the fact that

You’ve Been Hurt in an Accident: Now What? Things to Consider When Choosing an Attorney

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You’ve just been in an accident, a victim of somebody’s carelessness or negligence. You’re in pain and your life has been disrupted. Maybe you cannot work but need your paycheck just to get by. Will insurance cover your loss? Will insurance meet all your expenses and provide compensation for your pain and suffering? How will

Hidden Accidents at the Gym

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A Gym can be a dangerous place.  Ironically, you may be seriously injured while endeavoring to improve your physical well-being, unaware that your Gym owner is probably less concerned about your health than their bottom line.   We all know that today’s gyms pack as many pieces of equipment into their facilities as possible.  The vision