Products Liability

Products liability cases take many forms. There are cases where many people are injured as the result of an inherently dangerous quality of a product. This is often the subject of cases involving a drug with a bad side effect or a car that should have been recalled. Further, dangerous conditions may arise out of the design of a product, or, a defective manufacturing process. Still there are other cases in which a product is only known to have injured only the person who comes to an attorney to seek redress.

The litigation process for these cases is often quite costly and time consuming. Almost without exception, they require the retention of an expert, the storage and inspection of the product, recording of all testing done on the product as well as significant research often on a global bases to determine if others have been similarly injured. Your lawfirm should have the staff and means necessary to see this kind of litigation to trial. The attorneys of BBGF&L have been litigating products cases for more than 50 years and have the resources and expertise to see your case to a successful conclusion.

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