Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is distinguished from most other areas of injury law in that the damage caused by the negligence of the health care professional is heaped atop an already sick or injured person. Worse still, in most circumstances, the victim voluntarily placed his faith in the skill of the medical professional only to become a victim for a second time.

You might think that given the foregoing, the law would provide for extra protections to victims of Medical Malpractice. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. For instance, the law actually reduces the time frame in which one may bring a claim for malpractice as compared to other acts of negligence. And, the law imposes other restrictions on the ability of a victim of medical malpractice to obtain justice in Court.

Your attorney must be knowledgeable, experienced and passionate in representing you, if for no other reason but that justice demands that you not fall victim for yet a third time. BBGF&L understands what is at stake and what you have been through and how important it is that you finally receive justice and we are here to see that you do.

Bergman, Bergman, Fields & Lamonsoff, LLP is one of the leading firms in the State of New York representing victims of automobile, construction and slip/trip and fall accidents as well as victims of medical malpractice. Our aggressive litigation approach and unyielding tough negotiation style has resulted in some of the state’s most successful monetary recoveries on behalf of our clients. In addition, to meet the growing legal needs of our clients, we provide two full service offices conveniently located in Nassau and Queens.

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