Slip and Fall

Premises cases include but are not limited to slip/trip and fall accidents, ceiling collapses, injuries caused by fire, faulty construction and improper maintenance. These cases all fall under the title of premises liability, but, they are different and they are treated differently by the law. New York’s Building codes specify acceptable standards of construction which owners of property must adhere to. For instance, the law provides very detailed requirements for the measurements of stair risers and treads as well as the necessity of hand rails. Even the shape of a hand rail is regulated! An attorney cannot be effective in representing an injured person unless he knows which regulations have been violated.

Slip and fall cases generally involve an unsafe walking surface made unsafe due to the presence of a slippery substance such as water, ice or snow, or leakage from a refrigeration unit or even tomato sauce from a broken bottle in a shopping aisle. Likewise, Ceiling collapses are often caused by the failure to repair leaks from pipes or a roof above. In these cases, proper and timely maintenance may have prevented the accident. These cases are heavily dependent on photographs of the defects, collection of witness statements and investigations into the existence of prior similar occurrences. An attorney must be aggressive in the pursuit of all of these and must act swiftly upon retention.

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